Monday, April 16, 2012

This month beauty must have...

I've always been in lovee in oil bronze shimmer but this NARS BODY GLOW is the one that I desire this season. It is amazing because you can use it not only all over your body but also on your hair!!! I've tried few different brands already but this one is the one that I'm dying to try. It not the cheapest one but the incredibly delicious smell and consistence speak for itself. It is must have for summer and everyone should have one in their bathroom drawers. it leave. Trust me it will leave your skin extremely soft and glowing !!! 

Shade and Iluminate by TOM FORD 
From the man who can do no wrong creatively comes a new super luxe makeup range. I lovee it all no exceptions!!!l  It's a first of kind product :) it gives gives the effect of defined cheekbones in a quick application. Package is soo chic and classy looking. Yes, it's pricey but we deserve it ;) right?!!?!??!

I just recently started to use KIEHL'S products and I have to admit that so far I am amazed with the results. I need and desire to try this Clearly Corrective™ DARK SPOT SOLUTION.  They say that this is a fast-acting serum that evens skin tone and diminishes dark spots to impart overall radiance and luminosity to the skin. 

As I've mentioned before I have an obsession with the French culture and everything that has to do with Paris!!  I lovee French colourful soaps!! Not only they are adding a bit of colour into your bathroom but they are also doing magic to your skin.The flower pieces gently exfoliate, while these dream-like floral fragrances of the French countryside enhance your room with pure delight. I always chose big, long-lasting block which  is more than 10 ounces. Each is often an artwork and now I run out of the one that I purchased in France so now I'm in search for something similar.

Can't wait to fill my home with the powerful fragrance of  Wild Blueberry Vanilla again. Candles are rituals, symbols of mood and sensuality. The powerful scented combinations in Trish's candles permeate the whole room before this magical candle is even lit. Trust me I got small one as a gift  for Xmas and it lasted until now!!! Crazy huh.. This time for sure I'm getting the big one !!!

I desire this box full bath bomb balls. Can't live without them :) there is nothing better than warm bubbly bath after busy day at work ...

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