Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gold treasures..

I just recently updated my jewelry collection :)) So in lovee with my gold treasures hunt !!! I got so obsessed with spike gold bracelets lately that I even got 2 of them. Guilty ??? The one on my photo is from CC SKYE but I also found very similar one and much more affordable in Top Shop. Ring is from COS and cost me only 12 E , tiger necklace is from Penney's , side cross ring from Top Shop ( this season I desire everything with cross ) Ear cuff in from ASOS and my favorite lip gloss is from Yves Saint Laurent.

I was just going though the new arrivals on ASOS and I spot this amazing belt !!! You can get the black one like this in ZARA but without spike studs. Couldn't resist and ordered this white one as well. Hopefully it will arrive on Wednesday so I will post few photos of it :) This purchase just made my day, so happy :DDD

Some fashion ideas with what you can wear this belt with. The belt and gold bracelet are screaming to be layered and worn together.

 Images from Balmain fashion show.

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