Friday, April 20, 2012



Lately everyone has been obsessed with the old-school high-top sneakers (including myself of course). I really needed to find out what was it all about, so I started my research. French designer Isabel Marant started this new season trend seen on fashionable feet everywhere right now, from supermodels like Miranda Kerr to celebrities like Kate Bosworth. I was just thinking - I'm always looking for some sort of mid season comfy shoes to help me get through moths between spring and summer. Flat pumps are not always good and mostly because we can not wear them during the rainy days. Boots ??? hm.. yes.. but I'm sure that you as well are a little bit bored with them. So why not to try those hi-top sneakers which turns out to be a flat fun perfect alternative helping us instantly update our leather skinny trousers and leggings. Yes...
Unfortunately Isabel Marants sneakers sold out nearly everywhere :( I can not believe that I even missed sale of them on the NET-A-PORTER. But..but.. I found very similar style in River Island (they have even few colors avaliable at the moment ) and one amazing cream style in BT2 that I desire so much. I'm staring and having big cravings for this cream pair from Sandro for almost a month now. I'm might better wait until sale time because unfortunately they are very costly .
 I added few photo's so you can have a look how you can pull this look up together without much of the afford. Will you dare to wear hi-tops this season???? because I will :)

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