Thursday, August 30, 2012

..the tall ship races...

I was meant to share those photos with you guys since Monday
 but with my hectic week schedule I was able to edit and go through my camera just today.
 Our weekend was amazing!!
On Sunday we drove to city centre to see an international parade of the tall ship in Dublin 
and the weather was absolutely perfect for a sunny 
and in the same time breezy walk alongside the port.
 It's so funny because I used to live just across the road from the port 
and  this is the first time when I was able to truly enjoy this parade.


  1. amazing blog ! :D
    maybe we can follow eatch other?

  2. Lovely pictures, Im sure you loved the parade looks like great fun.

  3. Lovely pics and blog, I'm already following you! Hope you follow me back :) xx

  4. Great pics!

  5. the ships are so beautiful, I'd like to see them alive!

    beholder's inn