Saturday, June 16, 2012

...this month's objects of desire....

This month I've been utterly seduced to purchase all these items. 
I have been wanting this GUCCI iPad cover for such a long time.
 I was trying to change my black iPhone cover to this gold to have matching set but unfortunately the gold one was all sold out.
 I have checked their website and they already have few new colors in but I think the gold one looks the best. 

I just can't stop thinking about these ALL SAINTS white snake skin shoes. 
They are quite expensive but I think they are just to die for. The only thing that I'm just worry about is how they will look on my feet I'm size 8 and some styles in boots just don't look good on me.
 I'm sure it's worth a try because I'm so in lovee with these...

This double headed spike bracelet is on my mind 
since I purchased my last item from CC SKYE website. 
Every time I'm going in to check their new arrivals I'm falling in lovee in something else.
 I think their collection is getting better and better all the time... 

Can't make up my mind about this bikini especially because I've already bought about 4 other ones this season. 
I don't think I need another one or do I ????
Should I go for it or should I not ???? What a dilemma right ????  

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